E- Books – Marketing

An e-book is an electronic version of a traditional paper cover book. A lot of people think that you need to purchase an “E-Reader” in order to enjoy an e-book, this is not the case. You can view e-books from your cell-phone, tablet, or computer with ease. 

There are e-reader apps that you can download from the Google Play Store for your Android tablet or phone for free. The e-reader apps give you more options such as bookmarking pages, highlighting and saving portions, and make notes like you would be able to with traditional paper books.  Although these options are available, you still do not need to download an app in order to view e-books via PDF files. You just won’t have the options you would have with the e-reader apps. 

When it comes to the cost of e-books, you can get some free or discounted books, but most of them cost the same as paper copies. e-books can occasionally be more expensive than traditional books. 

The following material comes from the book Social Media Marketing – A Strategic Approach

Creating an E-Book:

Step #1 – Assess needs – It is necessary to have a clear vision of the goals you wish to achieve. After you define your goals, you should define your audience, having a clear idea of the audience will help you later determine what material to add or keep out.

Step #2 – Plan – After or during the first step, start planning how the book will be constructed. Consult with a sales department to see how your book will be integrated into the sales process, and how it will be distributed. Next decide responsibilities, and estimate costs. A polished e-book will require research, writing, illustration, editing, and review. Calculate your out-of-pocket expenses as well as labor costs to provide a rough figure for time and resources needed. 

Step #3 – Acquire Information – Relevant knowledge can be obtained from reading and research or through interviews. Interviews are especially important for uncovering information that may not yet be broadly available. After gathering facts, analyze how they can support your goals from step #1. 

Step #4 – Organize Content – It wouldn’t be surprising if step #3 has uncovered an unimaginable amount of information. Now comes time to organize. Determine the most important, and it would be helpful to create a simple outline with groups and subgroups to represent different themes or strands of information. *Too many subgroups can complicate things later on* Hopefully after you have created an outline, you will have a road map for the final case study.

Step #5 – Design the Look and Feel – Different audiences may have varying expectations for presentation and formatting. Think about what your model reader would prefer. If you have help with graphic illustration, they will be able to create the “look” after being given general guidelines. If no help is available, try using a preconstructed page template. They come with most word processing software. 

Step #6 – Write – Now comes time to start the writing process. Fill in the content that was outlined earlier using details gathered through research. Keep in mind that your audience will most likely be educated, but don’t get bogged down with too many technical details. Prevent miscommunication with readers by explaining all acronyms, and by using consistent wording. Keep your writing style direct and uncomplicated. For the first draft, focus on explaining your material well. 

Step #7 – Illustrate – Good e-books contain visual as well as textual elements. This keeps your readers engaged. It is especially useful when you have complicated material. Visual aids are essential in keeping the focus of your audience. You should create your illustrations at the same time as the writing process, so they go well together. Ensure that your illustrations convey the primary content and selling points of your e-book.

Step #8 – Review, Revise, and Approve – In the first viewing, your e-book should be evaluated by experts in the field, or ideally by some of the people interviewed during step #3. This will help catch factual errors in your material. The final copy should also be reviewed by senior management of the company who is sponsoring your e-book. Some examples of improvements to the final draft include: writing style revision, improved flow of text/images, grammar check, spelling, and so on. Before sending to publication, make sure you check with legal and accounting departments to avoid later conflicts. 

Step #9 – Publish!! – Always check the final output to ensure that it correctly transferred from final draft, to a final product version. This nine-step process may seem exhaustive. However, it reflects an industry standard. 

Marketing with E-Books:

Generally, e-books are used for identifying a problem, and supplying an answer to the problem. In most cases, the ultimate goal for e-book marketing will be the same: draw attention and develop a company’s reputation for thought leadership and then use that expertise to generate sales. In order for this to be successful, the audience must not perceive the content to be overt marketing material. It is important to keep a distinction between overt and convert goals. An e-book will require more subtle framing than with a standard advertising pitch. Do not include the product name or description in the title of the e-book. Instead, describe a problem, some common solution, and then finally discuss what special benefit the product being marketing has in solving this problem. You need to develop a clear case, and need for this product. Do not miss the larger opportunity to advance a brand’s image and reputation by making the mistake of treating these publications as purely a marketing platform. 

Happy e-booking!

– Kelsey xox


Keeping It Together – Mommy Brain

As women, we often feel that we are the glue to our children and our family. Our brains go on forever and don`t stop. Unlike our husbands, it is a lot harder for us to just “Shut it off.” Sometimes people wonder why can’t you just fall asleep at night, but it is difficult when your brain has taken over, and you can’t help but dwell over the pile of laundry, and tomorrow’s organizing of activities like time-management tetris.
Just so you know, it’s not only you! We all have those mommy moments when you can’t remember the list of things you have to do. You forget who called and exactly what they wanted. Exactly where do you have to be at 3:00 tomorrow? Who was it that called last night? Its not you, and it’s probably not going to stop. Here are some moments that other moms have had – posted from Parents Magazine

“I once spent 30 minutes frantically looking for my phone in my car. Then I realized I was using it as a flashlight.”
-Jax Lee-Sawyer

“I got to work one day and looked down to discover I’d only shaved one of my legs!”
-Jen Nelson Lane

 “I forgot it was summer vacation and woke my 4-year-old son up to get on the bus. I realized about an hour later the bus wasn’t coming.”-Danyel Mier-Sanders

 “One night my husband and I went to the store and on the way home I asked him, ‘Why are you turning here?’ He replied, ‘Because this is our street.'”-Nicole VandeBoom

 “I once waited 45 minutes for the water to boil then realized the burner wasn’t on.”-Karine Hoffman

 “I spent half an hour looking for my shoes then realized they were already on my feet.”-Melinda Baker

We all have those moments when you walk into a room, and forget what you went in there for. You are looking EVERYWHERE for you car keys, just to realize they are in your hand, or already in your car. It happens a lot more when you become a mother…. and I mean a lot more. There are the bad days, and there are the REALLY bad days. The really bad days are those days when you feel like you are holding on by a thread, things are falling apart left right and centre, and you are struggling to not fall apart.

Before I became a mother, nobody told me how organized you have to be in order to survive. I am not over exaggerating either – if you do not plan things, then all of a sudden your kids can’t find their teddy, shoes, or jacket, you booked two different appointments at the same time, you find the milk in the cupboard, and the honey in the fridge, and neither you or your husband can find your left shoes. Don’t get me wrong, regardless of planning these things happen anyway, but they can be minimized. On top of all we have to manage, we are expected to do it with a smile on our face, or at least with out loosing our minds completely. There may not really be a cure but there are ways to try and “keep it together” what ever that means!
Ways to keep it together 

When it comes to having a million things to do in a day, being in a good mood can make a world of a difference, especially on those days when you keep stubbing your toe and your child is constantly melting down over the colour of the plate you gave her, the “little specks” in her mashed potatoes, the colour of her pyjamas, and everything else it seems, Sometimes you are in desperate need of a mood booster Her Magazine has an easy fix with their Mood Make Over Kit.
Here is an Easy Mood Make Over Kit:   
  • Multi B6 Complex.
  • A quality fish oil with a 3:1 (or higher) ratio of EPA:DHA. This ratio provides optimal cognitive support. The content of EPA must also be above 1000mg.
  • EXERCISE – get all the neurotransmitters in the “brain playground”!
  • SLEEP – you may need assistance with specific strategies to address your unique sleep concerns and contributing factors.
  • GREEN FOODS – vegetable based greens! – Not green gummy bears

As I mentioned earlier, we often think that we are the glue to our families, and often feel guilty taking time to ourselves. Personally, sometimes I can’t even sleep because I’m wondering if my child is planning a mutiny against my husband as I lay in bed. Sometimes it feels so wrong to just step away for a few hours, but honey, that is exactly what you need.

Methods of Treatment:
  • several hours of uninterrupted sleep
  • several hours of quiet time, out of both visual and audio range of children, possibly with a crossword puzzle, a good book, or a crafting project
  • conversation with other adults
  • a long (or intense) run
  • a soak in the tub or long shower
  • 10pm bedtime. Period. End of story. No Real Housewives watching is worth it. Trust me!
  • Keep checklists – I have never been a check list type of person, but now I rely on them, and so does my husband.
  • Write things down – write down who called and what they want, you always end up needing to look at it.
  • Repeat what you want to know

Keep Your Mind Active:

  • You see a pen and paper lying there? Doodle!
  • Listen to podcasts or audio books while you exercise or clean.
  • Keep books in the car, by the bathtub and by your bed. – We may not have much time but even a few minutes of reading is beneficial
  • Take time out each week or month to have a conversation about something that is really exciting to you.
  • Stay curious and involved — commit to lifelong learning
  • incorporate movement and activity into your normal daily routine – dancing while you clean also boosts your mood, trust me
  • golf, bushwalking or playing in the park
  • Play card games and board games with your children but make sure to take time to do it with adults as well.

Extra Tip:

Get Schooled: Going back to school as a mom doesn’t mean you have to be a full-time student. There are hundreds of courses offered that aren’t too expensive. I am taking a college course right now, and it has honestly done WONDERS for my brain.

– Kelsey xox

When you don’t like your kid

If you don’t have kids, think of it this way – Have you ever babysat for somebody, and their kid was just terrible? You try your best to get through the day, while they run around like little tornadoes, with no care in the world. It seems like the purpose of their existence is to ruin as many things as possible. They are flushing things down the toilet, drawing on the walls, constantly getting into the fridge, dumping toys everywhere, playing in the sink, screaming at the dog, and just being a plain old pain in the butt. (All within 10 minutes)

The moment when their parent comes to pick them up is the most sweet release you think you have felt for months, sure you have a pile of things to clean up.. but oh that sweet silence. There is nothing quite as satisfying as the calm after the storm. After cleaning up, you slip on your bunny slippers, make some popcorn, and turn on your favorite TV show, all of which seems much more relaxing after the day you have had.

That is the story of my life, but you know that you can never send them home. Lets be honest here, nobody would admit it, but there are times when you really don’t like your child. Your adorable little angel has turned into a food throwing, name calling monster, and you think to yourself “Did I really make this thing?” You wonder where you have gone wrong, and you see the next 20 years of your life flash before your very eyes.

Right as you think you are in the pit of never ending darkness, what is that you hear? Silence… All of a sudden the storm stands still and you can breathe for a moment. Then you realize that silence, although wonderful, is usually a very bad sign. Mischief is very silent. You walk past the bathroom, the light is on, you hold your breathe and open the door…. YUP… there is now a mini lake on your bathroom floor. “What are you doing?” you ask… “Oh I’m just making soup” your child replies…. You look around to see a soaked roll of toilet paper, shampoo, bubble bath, and what ever that brown stuff used to be, all mixed together in your bathroom sink. It takes a lot of effort to compose yourself. To your child’s dismay you are not as happy with their gift of fresh soup as they originally thought. The bathroom you just spent 2 hours cleaning and disinfecting is now a war zone.

Webinars – Marketing

In a society of instantaneous feedback – texting, phone calls, messaging, as so on, it only seems right that we can all connect in one space together, no matter where we are. Webinars take the place of face-to-face meetings, which can be a good thing, especially when you don’t have to sit beside the guy with the stinky feet. Webinars have many advantages, such as flexibility, cost-effectiveness, ease of training employees, ease of meeting with clients, and being able to meet with your boss in your pajamas. What could be better?

Before you get your hopes up I should tell you about the disadvantages of Webinars… Oh technology, don’t you love it? Well it doesn’t always love us back, which can definitely be a down fall.  Each computer that is being used, runs the risk of technical difficulties, which always seem to pop up at the worst of times.  I think the most obvious disadvantage, come from the purpose of Webinars – removing face-to-face interactions. Like I previously mentioned, that can be a good thing, but it takes away that personal connection we sometimes need to understand the people around us. When you are meeting with people you may not know well, or may not know you well, body language is important. Your client may not know whether you are screaming irrationally, or just split coffee on your crotch. Nothing beats a face-to-face interaction but I definitely think Webinars are a great use of technology to save costs, and manage everyone’s busy schedules.

Webinars and Marketing:
In the world of marketing, Webinars can be very useful, they are a great tool for learning and collaboration. You have the ability to gather a large audience – in some cases over 500 people. You are in a virtual room with an audience of your choosing, you can give them information, they ask questions, and get immediate feedback. Clever social media marketers have used Webinars to gather information on potential clients. Just like any other meeting, you have to be sure that everybody can attend at the same time, as it is a live event.