Video Sharing – Marketing

We live in an age where listening is turning into digital listening. People are a lot more likely to watch a video on a subject, rather than talk face-to-face or ask for advice. Video sharing has enabled us to share our thoughts, ideas, and advice in a way that shows who we are. We can put our own personal flair out there in the world. We can choose to share videos publicly or only to our invited friends. 

We can also search videos. You can find reviews on products, tutorials on how to use products, and watch funny commercials. When you market on a video sharing site, the public will market for you. If you post good content, people will search for it, and share it with their friends and family. 

The top 7 video sharing sites other than YouTube to spread your video across the web are:

1) Vimeo  – Fastest growing platform with serious traffic. There is a free basic account with limitations, and a premium account for $59.99/year with advanced options and bigger space. However, on Vimeo, it’s not likely that you will get as many views as you would on YouTube.

2) Vevo – The perfect place for all music artists and music lovers. The videos are high quality, so you can watch them on your TV. One draw back is that the site blocks some regions from watching certain videos.

3) Dailymotion – A french video sharing site.  the length of the video files is limited to 2 GB and 60 minutes. Also the upload quality to regular users is limited to 1280*720p. However, these restrictions don’t seem to be a real trouble, and Dailymotion can be a good competitor to YouTube.

4) Veoh – An Internet television service that hosts studio content, independent productions and user-generated material.  You can upload videos of any length and embed them on your site or blog. Veoh accepts hundreds of different formats and has an extensive community to participate in.  You may get in touch with other people, rate your favorite videos, leave comments and discuss the videos in channels and forums.

5) Metacafe – A video-sharing website with more than 40 million viewers every month. You can find short videos in the categories of video games, sports, music, movies and TV. The website features a special ranking algorithm that ensures that the uploaded videos are of high quality. Unlike YouTube, Metacafe doesn’t host duplicate videos. Each video can be uploaded only once. One more advantage of Metacafe is that it pays people for posting videos. If your content is popular among users and your video hit 20.000 views, Metacafe will pay you $5 for every 1,000 views.

6) Flickr – Suprise! Flickr isn’t only for sharing images! The site does, offer and provide video hosting. There are also two types of account: a free and a paid one.  A free Flickr account allows you to upload 2 videos per month with restrictions of 90 seconds max, and 150MB size each. A paid account lets upload as much videos as you want, but the same restrictions take place.

7) Break – A highly popular website mainly known for funny videos, movie clips and funny pics. Break accepts major video formats, such as AVI,  WMV, MPG and MOV.  All videos must be no bigger than 60MB. Break provides its users with three ways to upload videos: right from the site page, from your cellphone or you may send a video to Break via email. It’s also possible to add a photo album in JPG, BMP or PNG formats as an addition to your video.


I think that video sharing is a great way to market. You can give the public a sense of your corporate culture and values.  The following YouTube video talks about why you should market with YouTube. 

Here is a video that my husband and his brother made. Enjoy.

In the life of a super villain, you must think of new and interesting ways to get answers from your foe. Sit back and learn from Mr. Maniacal, in Times a Thousand!

– Kelsey xox